Consulting Fees

Initial Consultation: Click below to make an appointment . We accept ALL PPO Insurance companies.
  • Servicing North County San Diego
  • Average consult: 1.50 hours
  • $100 Deposit
  • Deposit collected at the time of service and could be fully refunded IF your insurance(PPOs, pre-authorized HMOs) pays the claim under the Affordable Care Act, minus co-pays/deductibles
  • Will submit all the paperwork for covered PPO health insurance companies because no one has time after having a baby!
  • No insurance: discounted cast rate of $225 will apply
  • Only FORMER lactation patients are being seen at this time.  Please go to to find an IBCLC near you.


    *A study from 2002 shows that the cost of NOT breastfeeding for the baby’s first year is over $2,000; not included is the extra cost of healthcare expenses of your child and missed work days for you and the baby’s father.


    • Private in-home individualized consultation
    • Initial phone call to obtain a detailed history and reason for the consult. Please have the dates/weights of your baby’s last few doctors’ appointments leading up to this phone call.
    • Weight check, transfer-weight (how much your baby is getting), suck assessment, and ways to supplement if medically indicated other than bottle will be taught. Also, if necessary or desired, how to use your breastpump, breastmilk collection/storage.
    • No Cost follow-up phone calls/texts for two days following your consult, for the same reason you were seen.
    • Report sent to both your OB/GYN and baby’s health care provider. 
    • Supplies included to achieve latch/supplement i.e. nipple shields, feeding tubes, and syringes.
    • Will SUBMIT to your insurer(excludes HMOs if no prior authorization obtained) to be reimbursed for lactation services
    • Flex spending cards accepted.
    • A written, custom plan of care (POC) will be provided on how to continue breastfeeding your baby with success after your consult.


    • Home Visits: $100 deposit* by appointment
    • Includes everything as initial consult. Only abnormals will be reported to providers  
    • No insurance: discounted cash rate of $180 will apply
    Weight Check Only Office Visit: $25*

      Pump Consults/Returning to Work: $65.00* 

      • How to pump to maximize your supply when still breastfeeding or exclusively pumping.
      • Breastmilk collection/storage.
      • Test pump pressures on your existing pump to verify its suction strength remains effective.
      • Replacement/Missing parts are available for sale at discount prices.

       Phone Consults:  $2.00/minute

      • Face-to face is always ideal but there are times when a phone call is realistic and helpful to answer questions specific to your breastfeeding issue. Payment will be collected by credit card.
      • No physician’s report will be generated since this is a Q & A format.

      Prenatal Consults: $85.00*

      • Don’t let history repeat itself!!  If you have a history of breastfeeding difficulties, begin prenatally getting the assistance you need to succeed.
      • Most insurance plans cover this consult.
      • Detailed history taken and plan of care (POC) included for the early post-partum days.
      • Visual breast/nipple exam included for those expecting moms who have concerns with their anatomy which can make latching more difficult i.e. short, flat nipples, under developed (tubular) breast, etc.

      What? This group is intended for weight checks, checking how much a baby is getting from each breast, get questions answered in-person from an RN, IBCLC and meeting other nursing mothers in your community.  

      When? On HOLD until further notice so Nurse Wendy can launch her amazing product to moms all over the world!! Go to to learn more or "like" Boobie Bar on Facebook


      Due to its popularity, seating may be limited and we ask that you offer your chair to a new mom who is still recovering from birth. Nurse Wendy provides Brestfriend pillows for all her nursing moms to use so you can leave yours at home.

      Who? All mothers and babies either feeding from breast full-time or part-time.  

      Milk and Cookies is not intended for newborns discharged from the hospital with real medical conditions such as jaundice, loss of  birth weight>8%, slow/not returning to birth weight by 10-14 days, and instructions to supplement by a physician.  A group setting, where the IBCLCs time is shared by up to 10 nursing mothers is not the setting for these medical conditions. A private consult is critical in the newborn’s early days before milk supply is compromised.



      • After 4 pm/weekends: $25.00 extra
      • Travel fees may be added for distances greater than 15 miles: $25.00

         Forms of Accepted Payment: Cash/Check/ Charge/FSA( FLEX SPENDING CARDS)



        *We now bill ALL PPO and pre-authorized HMO health care plans covered under the Affordable Care Act